Fair Visitation for Everyone.
Creating an Effective Co-Parenting Relationship.
Minimize the costs of re-litigation and individual legal counsel, through simplified adherence to your state visitation statutes, and court specified visitation, right on your cell phone calendar with the ability to sync to google calendar and more. Finally, a visitation solution that works.
Children need custody and access arrangements that minimize the potential for ongoing interparental conflict; they especially need to be protected from exposure to violence
Visitation Ease is an easy and convenient way for parents and legal professionals to establish a co-parent schedule with statutory and custom visitation...directly on smart phones, tablets and web browser capable devices.
Visitation Ease allows parents and legal professionals to see the visitation schedule on their smartphone calendar, mobile tablets and various browser capable devices, automatically.
Automatic Shared Schedule
Visitation Ease simplifies which days belong to mom, and which belong to dad, with color coded calendaring in pink or blue. Now it is easy to visualize the days and times for each parent. Children benefit by knowing when they should be with mom or dad, on their devices, too.
Counseling & Legal Services
This feature is coming soon! Visitation Ease will provide a listing of counseling and legal services based upon your zip code - that specialize in custody, divorce law and mediation. Our goal is to provide your children with the best co-parenting team possible.
Advanced Expense Tracking
This feature is coming soon! Visitation Ease will allow you to track child support, alimony, palimoony and other court ordered items. For more information, or to make a recommendation, please email us support@visitationease.com
Real Time Updates & Reminders
Request changes to visitation when the need arises. Along with the calendar color coding, Visitation Ease gives you the advantage when that last minute mission critical business meeting comes up, or some other unplanned interruption easily with the Visitation Ease app. Now it is as easy as sending an appointment request, which can be accepted or declined. As soon as a change is accepted, the phone calendar updates for both parents and children automatically.
Report Generation
Legal professionals know that custody re-litigation is the most common issue before the courts in every state, in every district. Visitation Ease is able to provide a report to your law firm, as long as the firm is a subscriber to the Visitation Ease app for legal entities. The information in this licensed version of the software can be used for multiple clients. The firm is able to construct affidavits, specify periods of time, establish trends, provide the notes taken, utilize photos and more – all to assist you with facilitation when it may become necessary. In some cases we can add custom features for a law firm according to their specifications.
Event Sharing Capabilities
Birthdays, kids party invitations, sports, extracurricular activities children are enrolled in, etc. Now these can be shared on the days that kids need both parents to co-parent the most. Event sharing allows notes directly on the calendar day, and can associate a photo album from the phone, for the event.
Parents and Legal Professionals
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Automatic Statutory Rights
State Statutory Visitation Rights
Calendar Color Code
Calendar Syncing
Counseling & Legal Services
Professionals Near You
Supervised Visitation Centers
Advanced Expense Tracking
Child Support, Alimony, Palimony, Medical, Miscellaneous Expenses
Real Time Updates & Reminders
Ability to Request Changes
Calendar Updates for Parents
Text Reminders for Parents
Event Sharing Capabilities
Share Extracurricular Events,
Locations, Times with Others
Custom Calendar
50/50, 60/40, 70/30, 80/20
Report Generation
Ability to Produce Reports
for Court Use (Legal Pro's Only)
Fair Visitation for Everyone.
Establish a regular visitation schedule that works well for your entire family. Everyone benefits from a predictable, consistent routine.
Visitation Ease. All the features of our competition. For less.
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